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In addition to our basic cleaning services, we offer personalized services to meet your special needs. Your cleaning plan is fully computerized and a checklist is used every time we clean your home.

We offer basic services along with more personalized services designed to meet all of your cleaning needs.


Kitchen--We clean all counters, clean and treat all woodwork and wash the outside of all appliances. Floors are vacuumed or swept and washed. Dirty dishes are loaded in the dishwasher and stove drip pans are cleaned.

Bathrooms--We clean and sanitize the sinks, toilets, tubs and showers. Countertops are cleaned and all mirrors are shined. Floors are vacuumed or swept and washed. Fresh towels are put up at your request.

Other Rooms--We catch cobwebs as well as dust the windowsills, picture frames, blinds, ceiling fans, vents and light fixtures (within reach). All furniture is polished.

General--Floors are vacuumed, all trash is removed and switch plates are cleaned. Bedding is changed upon request. The front storm door and patio door windows are cleaned and we do a general pick-up throughout the house.


 In addition to our basic services, Picadilly Maids offers personalized cleaning service to our customers. We feel this is very important because you have personal preferences that are different from anyone else.

During our initial visit with you, or at any time thereafter, tell us what your personal preferences are. This information is used by our maids when they clean your home, enabling us to match our services with your individual needs.

Our Computerized Cleaning Plan

 We know from experience that each home is unique, and the only way to insure that your home is cleaned and maintained properly is to use checklist that match your needs exactly.

As a result, we have developed computer software at our corporate office that will produce a checklist for your cleaning team. This checklist consists of general information about your home, changes to our basic cleaning service, all of your personal preferences, and a deep-cleaning rotation schedule.

The system is flexible and we can easily make changes to your checklist as your preferences change. We encourage you to call at any time to add or change your checklist.

Your home is special and unique and that's just how we treat it. Picadilly Maids offers a variety of cleaning plans to meet your budget. Once you have decided on the service that fits you needs, choose one of the Cleaning Plan Options listed below:

  • One-Time Cleaning. We occasionally have requests to clean a home one-time with no follow-up cleanings. Often times, this is a gift from one spouse to the other, or possibly you are preparing for a party or special event in your home. This type of cleaning takes the longest time because everything has to be deep-cleaned in one visit. Our representative will work with you to determine your particular needs for this type of cleaning.
  • First-Time Cleaning. This type of cleaning applies to customer who elect to have us return for weekly or bi-weekly cleanings. During our first visit, we extensively clean all rooms in your home. Since we will be back within two weeks, we may not need to spend as much time as we would for a One-Time cleaning. For example, your bathrooms may require several applications to meet our standards. We can distribute these applications over the next two or three scheduled cleanings, reducing the time and charges for the first cleaning.
  • Scheduled Cleaning. Most of our customers like to have us return each week or every other week to re-clean their home. Each scheduled clean includes our basic cleaning services, your special requirements, and deep-cleaning on a rotational schedule. Instructions for re-cleaning your home are maintained on our computers to insure your home is professionally and consistently maintained to your satisfaction and ours.

Our cleaning schedules are difficult to maintain and we may not be able to schedule your cleaning on the day you prefer. Our schedules change frequently though and we will move you to your preferred day as soon as possible.


You're paying to have your home cleaned and that is exactly what you should get. We guarantee that if we miss something or don't clean to your satisfaction and you notify us within 24 hours, we will be out within 2 business days to fix it...at our expense.