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A Professional Company

As you consider a maid service to clean your home, we think there are many other aspects in addition to cleaning that you should consider.

We believe you will find that Picadilly Maids is a professional company, concerned with quality cleaning and your peace of mind.

Our maids are hired, fully trained, scheduled and paid by Picadilly Maids. Training consists of in-house as well as on-the-job training. Maids work in teams and areas of responsibility are assigned to each maid.

Our unique computer system was developed specifically to track the special requirements of your home. On the day of your cleaning, a checklist is printed by the computer that itemizes what the team should do in your home.

This insures the quality of the cleaning is consistent with every visit and that your specific instructions are carried out.

Our equipment and cleaning supplies are carefully selected to get the job done right and will be safe for residential cleaning. Your team is thoroughly trained on the proper use of all chemicals.

If you prefer to use your own chemicals or supplies, we can include your instructions in the checklist used by our cleaning team.

We believe that you should be afforded real protection in the unlikely event of an accident in your home. Picadilly Maids has full liability insurance coverage and all employees are bonded.

In addition, all employees are fully covered under the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation regulations. You do not have to report in-home services to the Federal or State governments - Picadilly Maids pays all Social Security and Medicare taxes, and withholds all necessary Federal and State taxes.